Today, Janeva and her team are expected to announce which cases they will be taking on


The Special Public Prosecutor’s Office are meant to announce today which cases they’re are going to investigate today which have arisen from the content of the illegal wire-tapping.. Today is the last day of the deadline, from the eight days in which Katica Janeva and her team needed to decide which cases are relevant to her office and which are not.

Previously, Ms Janeva and her 12 assistant prosecutors concluded that under their jurisdiction are cases of electoral manipulations which have come from from the illegal wire-tapping affair, which already have established a total of 14 cases and preliminary investigations have begun.

Although the Special Prosecutor had planned the dynamic of the 15 days to request a a number of cases from the Public Prosecution that until now was in their possession however ten days ago the Public Prosecutor handed Ms Janeva all cases related to the content of the intercepted conversations.

Among all the cases Janeva is meant to announce today, everyone is focused on whether she will undertake the “Putsch” case under her jurisdiction, which is already going through the courts system and one of the defendants is SDSM leader, Zoran Zaev.

Katica Janeva’s Special Prosecutors Office told “Meta” that they will not be holding a press conference today, but will make a statement to the public at 12:30.

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