This morning the “Student plenum” and youth organization “Mugra” blocked the University “St. Cyril and Methodius” Rectory, in protest at the cut down tree trees on the campus faculty.
“In a sign of protest, the students of the University St. Cyril and Methodius announced that we are terminating the Rectory’s daily timetable,” announced this morning the “Student plenum.”
The protest began early Saturday, hours after teams of PE “Parks and Greenery” cut down all the trees in the park of the University to prepare the ground for the construction of the two new baroque style buildings.
The students want the Rector to do everything within his power and authority to prevent the construction of the two new buildings. They are planning to organize a public and transparent gathering of the Senate of the University of Skopje, attended by delegates from the “Student plenum” and “Mugra.”
Students say that the Rectory will remain blocked until the end of working hours and announced that the blockade would continue until their demands are met. Administrative officers employed by the Rectory are currently being held in the cafeteria. Rector Stojkovski is away on a business trip.