The former Minister of interior affairs, Gordana Jankulovska, the former Minister of transport and communications, Mile Janakieski, DUI’s leader, Ali Ahmeti are just part of the politicians whose phones were illegally wiretapped, said the public prosecutor Lenche Ristoska, answering a reporter’s question at today’s presentation of the investigation named “Target”

She revealed that the former prime minister Nikola Gruevski’ phone was not illegally phone-tapped while other politicians’ phones they had possessed were all phone-tapped.

According to the evidence that was gathered by SPP, Jankuloska was illegally phone tapped for 732 days, one of Janakieski’s phone numbers was illegally phone –tapped for 732 days, the second for 532 days, and the third phone he owned was tapped for 816 days.

The phone of DUI’s leader, Ali Ahmeti, was phone-tapped illegally for 338 days, and the second – 867 days.

The first phone of DPA’s leader, Menduh  Tachi, was phone-tapped for at least 1.257 days, and Ljube Boshkoski’s for 320 days.