Zbogar: I Expect Fair Campaigns and Credible Elections


EU ambassador, Samuel Zbogar, expects a fair pre-election campaign, that will start on Monday, 21st of November. At the meeting in Tetovo,  where he met with the Mayor Teuta Arifi, he appealed to the institutions to react immediately in case of the smallest problem during the pre-election period.

“I expect a fair campaign, I expect political parties to present their visions regarding the future of your country. This Monday, campaigns will start, and if something interrupts it and even if the campaign doesn’t head in the right direction, the institutions in the country will have to solve that. In case of situations such as these, we should take care of it, we will come up with something, but as the proverb goes, we will cross that bridge when we come to it”, said Zbogar.

He also said that the future of the country and its Euro-Atlantic integrations depend on these elections which will be, as he said, monitored by a large number of international representatives. Their evaluation, according to Zbogar, concerning the way the elections are carried out, will be fully taken into account by the European Union.

The EU ambassador said that the new cases that are opened by the Special Public Prosecution should be left to be processed by the judicial institutions.

“We don’t comment on judicial procedures, so we have no comment about that. But, all of the political parties agreed to give support to the Special Public Prosecutor and this institution should be left alone to do its job. It is already doing its job and I think things should be left to flow within the courts themselves”, said the EU ambassador.

Zbogar, together with the Ambassador of Spain to Macedonia, Ramon Abaroa Caransa, visited the Municipality of Tetovo, where they met the Mayor of Tetovo, Teuta Arifi, to whom they offered financial help to assist in infrastructural and communal projects in Tetovo.

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