A groups of young people from Bitola, quite cleverly congratulated the former minister Gordana Jankulovska for her PhD using guerrilla-style tactics.

While Gordana Janulovska attended the ceremony where she formally received her PhD, at the Faculty of Security, a huge banner appeared with the words “Congratulations on your Pardon!” and was hung up in the Rectory of the University, St Kliment Ohridski by two young men.

The intrusion left all present speechless in the University hall. Five minutes after the incident, the Rector of the University, Aleks Kurunovski publicly apologized to the people who had gathered in-front of the sign.

“We apologize for the incident. We are proud to say that every candidate who has managed to achieve a PhD and the title of ‘Doctor of Science’ as a degree of education, went through a serious selection process”, Aleks Korunovski said, again apologizing for the incident.


Shortly after the official ceremony, Jankuloska’s promoter spoke about her career achievements, particularly emphasizing her ministerial role from 2006-2015. He stressed that Jankuloska during those years of her career, signed 159 legal acts in the name of the Republic of Macedonia.

Today in Bitol, 14 candidates were given their PhDs and became what is academically known as a Doctor of Science, three in the subject of safety, a title which Jankuloska also earned. At the event, Gordana Jankolska was was accompanied by her husband Vlatko Ilievski.