With the protest that took place in Skopje on April 22 it showed that apart from the Macedonians, there is also a problem within the Albanian community still in this country in their fight for equality. This afternoon members of the Movement for Reform in the DPA at a press conference announced this.

They say their demands are clear, and that is change, change to the regime that rules Macedonia and changing the country’s constitution.

“Through the protest we showed that the basic problem is systemic and that we need to change the Constitution of Macedonia. To make this system sustainable in the long-term, Macedonia should become a bi-national state and this can be done by changing the constitution”, said Arben Taravari from the Movement for Reform from the DPA.

In Skopje on Friday, the Union of Albanians made up of two parties, the Movement for Reform in the DPA and the National Democratic Revival held a protest and gave support to associations of former KLA fighters, political prisoners and expelled Albanians from Macedonia.

The protesters demanded the rule of law, the de-politicization of institutions and full equality between Macedonians and Albanians.