Defendants in April 27 case sentenced to a total of 211 years in prison, Chavkov – 18 years


Mitko Chavkov was sentenced to the heaviest punishment for the attacks that occurred on the 27th of April and was sentenced to 18 years in prison, while the 16 defendants were sentenced to a total of 211 years in prison.

Igor Durlovski was acquitted from the charges against him.

Mitko Peshov was sentenced to 15 years, Dushko Lazarov to 15 years, Goran Gjoshevski Levi to 15 years, Oliver Popovski to 13 years, Oliver radulov to 10 years, Munir Pepik to 15 years, Abdulfeta Alimi to 7 years, Mladen Dodevski to 12 years, Jane Chento to 15 years, Goranche Angelovski to 12 years, Igor Jug to 12 years, Vlatko Trajanovski to 15 years, Vilijam Mihajlovski to 14 years, Nikolo Mitrovski – Koljo to 15 years and Aleksandar Vasilevski Ninja to 8 years in prison.

The prosecutor proposed extending detention for Mitko Chavkov, Jane Chento, Igor Jug, Mladen Dodevski, Vlatko Trajkovski be prolonged because as she stated, they’re a flight risks. For the remaining, the prosecution asked that the defendants are detained until the validity of the verdict is determined.

The trial began in August last year, and defendants, under terrorism laws were accused of “jeopardizing the constitutional order and security.” When the Law on Amnesty was passed, 15 individuals were pardoned.

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