With a fast-track procedure and with 95 votes in favor, a law for amnesty was passed this evening that will determine who will be amnestied for the attack on Parliament on the 27th of April, 2017. As soon as it enters into force, the accused will have 5 days to file a request for amnesty.

According to the law, organizers and those that took part in the preparation, perpetrators, those that carried weapons and explosive devices and officers who didn’t follow orders will not be granted an amnesty.

The Law was supported by some MPs from VMRO-DPMNE, even though the party claimed that it doesn’t support a selective, but a general amnesty.

VMRO-DPMNE MP, Ilija Dimovski, said that they are also joining in as proposers of the law.

“I think it is more important that in the end, we arrived at that place that we spoke about since the very beginning – that we should look into each others eyes and not shift our problems and mistakes on to the whole of society, and to take the state into custody for what we are doing wrong. Even though it wasn’t on offer, I would like to inform you personally that Pancho Minov and myself are joining in as proposers of this law,” said Dimovski.

The Prosecution and the court will need 5 days to answer the defendants whether their request for amnesty has been approved.