Illegal landfill with carcinogen lindane in Dracevo to be fenced off by the end of the year


By the end of the year, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning will close the area off with a fence in Drachevo where there are doubts that an illegal landfill is located containing 8,000 tons of lindane, which came from the OHIS plant, State Secretary from the Ministry, Ana Petrovska confirmed for “Meta”.

She said that after Meta reported on the existence of the illegal landfill yesterday, the Government and the Ministry were alarmed and decided to first take action and close the site off to the public and then to analyze the soil.

“It is fortunate that this information was announced yesterday and in a sense alerted the Government. We as a Ministry, from this moment will take action in accordance with Article 42 of the Law on Waste that authorizes us as the competent authority before danger is proved, because it has not yet been proven, and in order to do so, we will need time and resources, so at the very least we will close the area in question off with a fence. It is in an uninhabited area, but it is near a monastery, where children go for trips. In other words, as a body, by the end of the year, we have an obligation to fence off this area and put up a certain sign,” says Petrovska.

At the same time, Petrovska points out, a notice will be sent to the Ministry of Education and Science, that until any danger is determined or not, there is to be no school trips there.

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