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Illegal landfill with carcinogen lindane in Dracevo to be fenced off by the end of the year

By the end of the year, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning will close the area off with a fence in Drachevo where there are doubts that an illegal landfill is located containing 8,000 tons of lindane, which came from the OHIS plant, State Secretary from the Ministry, Ana Petrovska confirmed for "Meta". She said that after Meta reported on...

Unmarked landfill with 8.000 tons of carcinogenic lindane from OHIS is poisoning the environment around Drachevo

In the vicinity of Drachevo, in the Pelenitsa area, there is an illegal landfill with several thousand tons of toxic waste which contains Lindane, the Ministry of Environment told “Meta”. The landfill is unmarked, uninhabited and there is no sign informing the public that there is a toxic carcinogen waste that affects both the environment and human health. The Lindane...