The names of Macedonian ambassadors that are going to fill in the vacant diplomatic outposts will be announced as soon as they are going to be approved by the countries that will be sent to, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov.

-The process of selecting ambassadors includes third-party countries in accordance with the practice and the respect towards the countries from which an approval is asked for. Only then, when the process will be completely closed, will the names be announced in order not to cause inconveniences in the countries from which we seek approvals from -said Dimitrov.

He stressed that there is a certain delay due to the local elections, partly because of legal obstacles, partly because of the campaign’s focus, but he said that MFA is doing everyting in its power to supplement the diplomatic network

-The foreign policy is not led only in the capital city or on a level of ministers and diplomats at the MFA. The network is a top priority and we are doing everything we can to supplement it and to improve the percentage of career diplomats – said Dimitrov.