President of North Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski condemned the act of burning the Bulgarian flag at the Vevchani Carnival.

“The burning of the Bulgarian flag during the Vevchani Carnival is inadmissible and it must be condemned. It is necessary to build trust, understanding, and respect among the neighbors,” wrote Pendarovski on his official Facebook page.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MFA) of North Macedonia wrote that the flag burning is damaging the country’s reputation.

“The centuries-old tradition must not be jeopardized by activities which are humiliating or insulting nations, states, especially our neighbors. We condemn the burning of the Republic of Bulgaria’s flag at the Vevchani Carnival which is an act that is not only damaging the Carnival’s reputation, but is also damaging the Republic of North Macedonia’s reputation,” informs the MFA’s on its Facebook page.

Photo credit: MOI

The Bulgarian Foreign Affairs Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva wrote on her Facebook profile that Ambassador Angelov has delivered a sharp note verbale to the Foreign Affairs Ministry.