The government will reimburse citizens 100% in affected regions


The government of the Republic of Macedonia today adopted measures aimed at citizens in areas affected by the floods in the Skopje region.

The Minister of Health, Nikola Todorov who presented the measures, stated that the first measure will be to provide 100 percent compensation to the citizens from the crisis regions where the most damage has been caused by the floods.

“This means that the citizens affected by the floods will be reimbursed in full, ie the Evaluation Committee will record the damages, and they will be 100 percent reimbursed. The second measure, will be when the Ministry of Health opens a separate program that covers participation in all health services at all levels in the affected areas, therefore all patients will be exempt from paying for health services, as the health fund will cover expenses from the 2016 fund. The third measure, is where households in crisis areas will be exempted from paying monthly charges for water and waste disposal for a period of three months, which help family budgets. The fourth measure, since it is close to the beginning of the school year, all children in Primary schools in crisis regions, will be provided with financial assistance for the purchase of school supplies”, said Todorov.

The fifth measure said Todorov, will be for the families in the affected areas of the floods, who have yet to finish the legalization of their houses, will be provided with free preparation and assistance in the procedure of legalizing their properties.

“These measures are about saving an average of 6000 denars per household, depending on the size of their property. The sixth measure is also for families most affected by the floods, who already receive social assistance and child support, mobility allowance for blindness, allowance for deafness, assistance by a third party and special allowance for children with disabilities. Thier financial assistance will increase over the next three months by 50 percent. The seventh measure will be providing 30 tons of barley from the state reserves, for farmers who are in need of stocks for their animals. This will be determined by the most affected regions. The eighth measure is aimed at meeting the farmers requests to have agricultural crops in the affected regions assesed and will be provided with free examinations on soil anaylisis, a process that is necessary to determine the possibe need for sanation in certain regions. This is particularly important to extend the plans for agricultrual production”, said Todorov.

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