The Ferris Wheel will keep turning until the government says enough!


Work on the Ferris Wheel continues today, even though yesterday Parliament adopted conclusions that funds from the state budget will be taken from the construction of such objects, and if necessary, be re-allocated to deal with the consequences of the floods that hit Skopje and the surrounding areas.

Journalists from “Meta” today noticed workers where the Ferris wheel is being built, however, they did not even know knew whether construction work will continue or whether all activities will be suspended.

“We do what we are told. None has told us to stop working”, the workers told our team.

The City of Skopje, say that Ferris Wheel is not their responsibility, but the Public Transport Enterprise “Skopje” (JSP) because the company is building the Wheel with donations from the Government.

“We have nothing to do with this building. It is being built by JSP, so you will ask them whether they plan to continue to build or not”, said Nedelcho Krstevski, a spokesman for the City of Skopje.

However, no-one from the JSP knew whether the construction of the wheel will be stopped.

“We have not received any notification or decision. If we do receive a decision to stop building, JSP Skopje will respect the decision”, said the company to “Meta”.

The Ferris Wheel is meant to be finished by 2019.


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