The US Food and Drugs Administration published a list of medical conditions that will be monitored during the vaccination process with the anti-COVID-19 vaccine, and not a list of the side effect that have already happened, reacted the medical experts in North Macedonia when a video was published on Facebook by journalist Boban Nonkovikj that spreads disinformation about the anti-COVID-19 vaccine’s effect.

Regarding this issue, spoke to health sector professors, experts that are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation since the start of the pandemic. In the meantime, wrote that the US Food and Drugs Administration didn’t determine any side effects of the anti-COVID 19 vaccines.

“To my great surprise, some intellectuals and doctors are sharing this video. A list of side effects of the vaccine is read, but for example take a look at one medication, Andol 100 and you shall see a list of side effects. I wasn’t even able to read it to its end, as there are many listed. Open the instructions of any type of medication, even of Aspirin, and you will see that even when taken in minimal doses, it has a whole list of side effects,” said PhD Nikola Panovski, Microbiologist and professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje.

For him, it is absurd that experts instead of dealing with the essence, have to deal with refuting news and claims that are causing enormous damage.

“We, as experts, instead of dealing with what is in our domain, are concentrating on refuting false news. If the US Food and Drugs Administration has a plan in case of side effects that will be monitored during the vaccination, that doesn’t mean the vaccine is not safe. I am convinced that people who oppose the vaccine are the first that would get vaccinated if things become “difficult,” says Panovski.

According to him, the vaccine would even save thousands of people who got over the COVID-19 and are still having serious health problems.

“If the disease is prevented with a vaccine i.e. if you don’t get sick you won’t have a chronic problem. A good percentage of recovered patients have serious health consequences – they have serious adverse effects on the lungs and in most cases, it’s fibrosis. What matters is that the vaccination is voluntarily and not to be given to children, and it will be so,” stressed professor Panovski.

His colleague from the Faculty of Medicine, epidemiologist, PhD Dragan Danilovski, says that videos such as this one are aimed at sabotaging the only measure that can stop the pandemic – the vaccine.

“In a situation when a cataclysm is happening on a planetary level, in times of distress and when people are dying, dubious people are sabotaging the only measure that can contribute to solving the pandemic – the vaccination. A video appears where lay person is waving a document issued by the US Food and Drugs Administration where a plan is presented for monitoring adverse effects after the vaccination starts and claims that the stated conditions which will be monitored if they occurred, represent confirmed adverse effects. This is not a report of adverse effects that have happened after a vaccine was administered, but a list of conditions for which it will be seen whether they will appear and how often. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System – VAERS is making a difference between an adverse event and side effect,” reacts Prof. Danilovski.

He also talked about certain articles published by certain web-portals with bombastic titles such as ” FDA: 6 participants in the Fizer vaccine trial have died, two of them were administered the vaccine, two were administered a placebo.”

Experts are decisive: The existence of a plan for monitoring the COVID-19 vaccine’s side effects doesn’t mean it is unsafe

“his is done with an obvious intent to suggest to the readers (who mostly read only the titles and have no idea what the word place means) that the reason for these people’s death is the vaccine,” said the professor.