Tamara’s murderers are not “unknown perpetrators” shout citizens


“Murderers”, “Justice for Tamara”, “Resign” chanted citizens today in front of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. They came out to express their anger because after a whole year, prosecutors have not yet found anyone guilty for the death of the little Tamara Dimovska from Veles.
Participants in the protest also asked that Health Minister Nikola Todorov take responsibility for the girl’s death.
“It’s been a year since Tamara Dimovska died, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office still hasn’t criminally charged those responsible for her death. The answer, from the Prosecution is that there is insufficient evidence to investigate, especially in a case like this, where all the suspects are known to law enforcement authorities. The Attorney General has once again demonstrated that justice is not equal for all citizens”, said activist and journalist Ognen Janevski.
Tamara’s mother, Dzaklina Dimovska made an emotional address to the prosecution in public, She said tearfully that the Prosecution should not hide behind the expression “unknown perpetrators”, because they all know who is responsible for the death of her daughter.
“Minister Todorov is most at fault for the death of Tamara, so are you that afraid of him, that you can not do anything until he is sits in the big chair? – Asked Tamara’s mother.
The protest was also attended by Sadula Saliu, with his 11-year-old daughter, who has the same diagnosis as Tamara, and is also not receiving help from the state.

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