The Mayor of Bitola Vladimir Taleski, charged in the “Transporter” case, was meant to have appeared for questioning at the Special Prosecutor’s Office today, however, he did not show up. To be more precise, last Friday, the SPO asked the Criminal Court in Skopje that the Mayor be transported from his home in Bitola, where he is under house arrest, to the SPO to give a statement, the Special Prosecution told “Meta”.

This was confirmed by the spokeswoman for the SPO, and prosecutor Lence Ristoska. They said that on Friday they had requested that the Criminal Court as the responsible body for implementing the measure of house arrest, to send an order to the Bitola police, and for arrangements to made for Taleski to be brought to the Special Prosecutor’s Office in Skopje.

“The suspect, even though today was meant to come and give a statement, he did not appear. Because of this, we have requested information from the court, where we were informed that the judge from the preliminary procedure on Friday had sent a letter by post and mail electronically, the decision to the police in Bitola”, said Ristoska.