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Video-clips of Boskoski’s arrest have disappeared from the internet

Video and text articles from reports of the arrest of Ljube Boskoski on June 6, 2011, have mysteriously disappeared from the websites of the TV stations that at the time, had reported on the sensational story of the events outside restaurant "Vodenica". Yesterday, Katica Janeva's team of prosecutors announced that they have opened an official investigation dubbed "Tortura" and have filed charges against...

MOI appeals new videos not to be posted on “YouTube”

"MOI stands behind the appeal to the Prosecution not to post videos on "YouTube" that can be used in further proceedings. But only these videos are concerned. Why aren’t recordings published by Zaev concerned? See Article 151 of the Criminal Code, he published private conversations," said MOI spokesman Ivo Kotevski. To the question of META whether MOI takes some measures...