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Apart from ‘Putsch’, Janeva is expected to answer whether she will take on cases ‘Rover’, ‘Divo Naselje’, ‘Spjun’, ‘Monstrum’, and ‘Telekom’

The requests in the past three months which have been sent to the Special Prosecutor, Katica Janeva, have now amounted to all cases which have been controversial to the public, and are now arriving on her desk through official channels. Defence attorneys in the cases of "Rover", "Divo Naselje" and "Spjun" demand for these cases to be over taken by...

The Appellation court returned the “Rover” case back for another trial

The Appellation Court in Skopje revoked for the second time the verdict by the First-instance Court in the “Rover” case. The case is going back to the court. The Primary Court Skopje 1 had received the decision from the Appellation court regarding the case, was the information that came from the Criminal court in Skopje. “The Second-instance Court and the...