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Removing the palm trees in Ohrid, by the recommendations of UNESCO, has started

One of the recommendations from the report we received from UNESCO, that will be reviewed on the 43rd commission for Cultural heritage next month in Baku, was carefully preserving the authenticity and integrity of the archaeological and urbanistic sites of Ohrid. From UNSECO they recommend avoiding the use of forms and materials that are not characteristic for the region...

Every planted palm tree costs us 500 euros

Enterprise "Macedonian Forests" paid around 500 euros per stem for the palm trees which will be planted around towns in Macedonia in the following days, i.e. a total of around 522,000 euros for 1,100 seedlings. Palm trees of the type trachycarpus fortunei, i.e. hairy palm tree, which grows more than four meters, are planted in Ohrid,Prilep, Dojran and Vevchani, and...