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No one to defend workers: Daily wage 400 denars, while absence fine 1,500 denars!

The new decision on the payment of K15 left the companies themselves to decide whether to pay or not. In practice this would mean that workers would hardly be able to hope for that money. Although, until now, the payment of K15 was mandatory, companies found different "loopholes" how to restore the money. They paid money to the transaction account...

Juiciest statements of Minister Gordana Jankuloska

In recorded conversations that SDSM leader Zoran Zaev announced today and which focused on 2013 local elections, Interior Gordana Jankuloska has one of the main roles and explains interlocutors juicy and explicitly. Jankuloska to Kiril Bozhinovski: "We have 50 people in an apartment of 40 square meters. And now that is that" Jankuloska to Martin Protogjer: "These little men go, vote...