Juiciest statements of Minister Gordana Jankuloska


In recorded conversations that SDSM leader Zoran Zaev announced today and which focused on 2013 local elections, Interior Gordana Jankuloska has one of the main roles and explains interlocutors juicy and explicitly.

Jankuloska to Kiril Bozhinovski:

“We have 50 people in an apartment of 40 square meters. And now that is that”

Jankuloska to Martin Protogjer:

“These little men go, vote and keep their mouths shut. And wave their heads. A crazy cop says, lady, step aside…insane. But you know, it is a real insanity, but people are really voting. Hahaha”

“All fools are assigned to an intervention. And, you know, provocations, but the important thing is that the little men are holding hands, entering and voting, with mouths shut. They videotaped them how they are holding hands and they published the footages on “Libertas” or somewhere else. It’s a circus, madhouse. We will now organize and at seven we will go out and say that everything was fair, democratic, peaceful, no charges, but we will leave room for those in Struga. Afterwards, we proclaim victory”.

Jankuloska to unknown interlocutor:

“It should be hadeled very carefully, because Gypsies are kept in line by Cic. I told in which line it will be during the flooding. And they can betray us.”

Jankuloska to Mile Janakieski:

“I think we have a chance to win Kumanovo if we have a way to agree with DUI, because there are not a lot of votes.”

“Well, let us annul a handful”, and at the moment when the colleague asks her whether there are grounds for annulment, the Minister said “Well, eh, the basis is same as with Strumica, we will cancel 10 polling places and if Albanians start arguing, there won’t be anyone to come out”…

Jankuloska to Kiril Bozhinovski:

“Here they are, at five meters from me from the place from which you and I talk, Kire, hahaha. We are all at work, we have our private headquarters. I mean, we have two headquarters, a headquarters on my floor, it is a local committee of VMRO around Centar, we have everything here, and the other is down in the hall, where ambassadors come, and I occasionally make my way there, to see Ambassadors and that everything is OK. After that I go up to my floor and we do our party work. So, we are organized.”

Jankuloska to unknown interlocutor:

“We in MOI, VMRO MVRO, it is one and the same, we have two headquarters … One party, one for foreigners we bring. Unlike other institutions, we have no restrictions for nothing. We have a call center in MOI.”

Jankuloska to Mile Janakieski:

“Well all…DUI doesn’t have as many people, but we destroy SDSM.”

Jankuloska to Vasil Pishev:

“Look, I told Slave, where do you think that is thin, do not write records, leave room for complaint, we don’t have control there, leave room and after we will take them by their ears and take them out Gypsy by Gypsy. Now we have to do so, because polling places are closed”.

Jankuloska to Slave Goshev:

“If he is among Roma, we will take them by their ears, no one can object…the important thing is he didn’t go through at the first round.”

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