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Health Ministry: Out of 416,614 persons vaccinated with two doses, only 167 got infected, and 11 were hospitalized

The Health Ministry (HM) informs that as of 5th of August, out of 416,614 persons vaccinated in North Macedonia with two doses of vaccine against COVID-19, 167 persons got infected 14 days after they received a second dose, and only 11 of them were hospitalized. "This is an indicator that the number of people infected among the vaccinated is very...

COVID-19 patients go to hospital too late, “8-mi Septemvri” hospital wages war with death everyday

North Macedonia is still in a critical phase of the coronavirus spread as every day it registers numbers of newly infected always above one hundred. This situation has been ongoing for the past two months, and since the 3rd of June, almost every day, Macedonia has been registering above 100 new cases. The peak was registered on the 13th...