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Crime, alcohol and drugs feature in most popular songs among the youngsters, Macedonian influencers are careful about what they are promoting

скриншот од видео
“Zbog nje valjo bi ko Pablo, samo da joj kupim sve” (For her, I would sell drugs like Pablo Escobar, only to be able to buy her everything) “Jedva stoji na nogama, svu noć miješala alkohol je sa drogama” (She could barely stand on her feat, as she was mixing alcohol and drugs all night long) These are some of the...

The end of the state of emergency will remove the price ceiling for masks, southern fruits and basic food products

With the end of the state of emergency, several government orders that prevented the price rise of basic food products, southern fruits, and protective equipment will expire. These were adopted to prevent manipulations in the trade when the coronavirus occurred. The Ministry of Economy informs the retail traders and wholesale traders that with the end of the state of emergency...

No prescription drugs in pharmacies, patients protest – and still paying

The citizens of Skopje have been complaining about of the lack of medication on prescription in the pharmacies across the capital. For days now, citizens have been going from chemist to chemist looking for medication they can buy with a prescription, however the only way possible for them to get their medication is if they pay for them ‘privately’,...