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“What dissolution, no relaxation”, say Protesters in front of Parliament

With messages "What dissolution, no relaxation" and "Vlado Mori Dusame" written with color on the streets of the capital by the"Colourful Revolution" showed just what thought of the Trajko Veljanoski's decision not re-convene Parliament and to postpone elections. The protest began as it does every night, in front of the Special Prosecutor Offices (SPO), where protesters marched to parliament. There...

“Nikola, you can not escape prison” chanted citizens at the protest before Government

Today's protests came to a peaceful end where the public are still demanding the resignation of President Gjorge Ivanov and the withdrawal of his decision to pardon politicians under investigation. The final destination of protesters organized by the association "I protest" again was the the government, but tonight they did not throw paint, they only chanted "Nikola, you can not...