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Through the tolls we pay for the loans, interests and commissions for the motorways (video + infographic)

Despite the fact that the Macedonians have the lowest salaries in Europe, they still pay very expensive tolls. The compensation for one kilometer by car is 2,6 denars, and the adoption of the new toll price in 2014 was justified by VMRO-DPMNE, which claimed that the global economic crisis has ended and the compensation must be increased to the...

Last year banks approved loans amounting up to 400 million euros

Macedonian banks last year approved loans amounting up to 400 million euros, according to the latest data from the National Bank. According to information from December, the credit was largely directed to the corporate sector, and a smaller amount to the household sector. Following measures taken by the National Bank, this year banks will tighten controls for issuing consumer loans. The goal...

Government spent 36,500 euros on fitness equipment

Office of General and Common Affairs of the Government today signed an agreement for the purchase of fitness equipment with company "Sonics". In the contract, which is announced on electronic procurement system, writes that two fitness bikes with backrest, three static bikes, four pieces of equipment for lifting weights and weighs about five rod are procured. For the purchase of this...