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Bulgarian anchor mixes apples and oranges and has managed to make “Macedonian salad”

In an article published at the website of the Bulgaria's daily newspaper 24 hours, Rosen Petrov, former MP and scriptwriter and current anchor of history show that is screened on the Bulgaria On Air online TV, writes falsities on the difficult and painful subject Bulgaria and Macedonia discuss - history. In his column titled "Macron and the Macedonians - Bulgarian...

The Government recalls Miko and appoints Elenovski as Special Envoy to Brussels

At yesterday’s session, the government revoked several consuls, including the most exposed Jason Miko, a longtime columnist from the defunct newspaper “Dnevnik” and government consultant in the VMRO-DPMNE era, who had been paid from the state budget. Previously, he was a lobbyist for VMRO-DPMNE and a consultant. According to documents registered with the US Agency for Registration of Foreign Contributors -...