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Baily: There is nepotism and a conflict of interests in the Council of Public Prosecutors

US Ambassador Jess Baily at a conference in Parliament regarding the Rule of Law in the Western Balkan countries, in the presence of MEPs, criticized the work of the Council of Public Prosecutors for the voting session on the election of prosecutors. Speaking about reforms to the judiciary, Baily said that with the disputed decisions made by the Council of Public...

Anti-Corruption Commission Finds Conflict of Interests at SDSM’s Petre Shilegov

Petre Shilegov, spokesperson of the opposition party SDSM, was notified by the Commission for Prevention of Corruption that due to conflict of interests, he cannot be Member of Parliament and Director of his law firm at the same time. On his profile on the social media platform Facebook, Shilegov posted a photo of the document and added his comment:...