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Bulgarian anchor mixes apples and oranges and has managed to make “Macedonian salad”

In an article published at the website of the Bulgaria's daily newspaper 24 hours, Rosen Petrov, former MP and scriptwriter and current anchor of history show that is screened on the Bulgaria On Air online TV, writes falsities on the difficult and painful subject Bulgaria and Macedonia discuss - history. In his column titled "Macron and the Macedonians - Bulgarian...

Prosecution dismisses charges against journalist Branko Trickovski

The Basic Public Prosecutor's Office Skopje has dismissed criminal charges against journalist Branko Trickovski, which were filed  by the Interior Ministry, says the Prosecutor’s Office. The criminal charge was for endangerment, followed by incitement of the murder of representatives from the highest state bodies from Article 309 of the Criminal Code, as well as for inciting violence to change the constitutional...