Student plenum and Professor plenum to attend the meeting between MES and UKIM


“Student plenum” will be represented at the meeting between the working groups of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) and the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius “, which will be held at the Rector’s Office of UKIM in 4 pm today. Representatives of “Student plenum” will be Ivana Tufegdzhik and Stefan Vidikov. Besides students, “Professors plenum” will also have its representatives, including Professor Gordana Siljanovska- Davkova.

Students say that they expected the promise given to them by the Government for a new law on higher education, not amendments or additions to the existing, to be fulfilled at the meeting.

– We request a new law on higher education that won’t include state exam as a solution to control the quality of education because it is directly contrary to the principle of autonomy. Delays are not very important if we don’t start working on an entirely new law through open dialogue and involvement of all students in the process of creation of this new law, which will be based on a comprehensive public debate and critical analysis – says Darko Malinovski of “Student plenum”.

Students say that they want a new law because the current, with all changes, according to them, is no longer applicable and doesn’t create quality education. The occupation of the faculties will continue until everything agreed is fulfilled.

– We have protesting and fighting our voice to be heard four months, and legal amendments were forcefully adopted and the dialogue with the Government began afterwards. We are not sure of the willingness of the Government to stick to their words or, roughly, we do not trust it. Therefore, with the occupation, we are pushing them to stick to the agreement – says Malinovski.

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