Starting from today, the surplus of assets can be invested in state bonds instead of saving in banks

In the future, the citizens and the legal entities can decide whether to invest their savings as deposits in the domestic banks or they will decide to invest in state bonds.

Starting from today, on the Macedonian stock exchange, began trading with 132 emissions of government bonds. Their total nominal value is or 881 million euros.

The bonds were issued in denars, with an annual interest payment, while the principal will be paid when they become mature for payment. Interest rates are starting from 0.9 percent for a maturity of 12 months up to 5.3 percent for a maturity of 30 years. Among the total number of issued bonds, there are 74 bonds with a maturity of 15 years and only 3 have a date of maturity of 30 years.

Taken into account that the bonds are state securities that are riskless financial instruments issued by the Ministry of Finance, and in order to provide funds from the public for financing the budgetary needs, there is a dilemma whether there is a possibility the state might become a competition for the banks through the bonds.