Today, the Special Prosecutor’s Office has launched a new investigation, code-named “Trust”. At the press conference, prosecutor Fatime Fetai said you could really see “how far the competition went to win the tender”.

It is regarding a tender from 2011 from the state company “Macedonian Power Plants” (ELEM) for mining coal and waste from the Suvodol mine in Bitola.

Forged documents were submitted for ownership of the necessary mechanization and equipped personnel, and three companies in consortium, won the tender from ELEM, worth 1.06 billion denars or 17.235.772 euros.

In the “Trust” investigation, three individuals from the companies and three other individuals are suspects in the case. The companies in question are “Transmet” from Skopje, “Sileks” from Kratovo and “Veto” from Studenicani.

The companies submitted forged documents to ELEM which showed that the companies allegedly owned heavy machinery for mining. Not only did they not have the machinery, and did not acquire any, the only machinery they did have was for a smaller capacity.

Prosecutor, Lenche Ristoska stated that today they had submitted to the Basic Court requests for the detainment of two individuals.

At the beginning of the press conference, Katica Janeva announced that the “Titanic” case had been extended as well as its list of 17 suspects, five of whom are high-ranking government officials.

Regarding the summoning and questioning of large numbers of people concerning party donations in Ohrid, Ristoska stated that the situation had become unpleasant and even threatening. She noted that the SPO there are investigating whether witnesses had been influenced and whether the secrecy of the case had been violated.