SPO launches new “Tank” case for Gruevski’s 600,000 euro “Mercedes”


The Special Prosecutor’s Office has launched two new investigations under the operational names “Tariff” and “Tank”. Although today’s announcement of the “Tank” investigation was not explained specifically, it is clear that it is regarding the purchase of the “Mercedes” worth approximately 600,000 euros, while the “Tariff” investigation is regarding the procurement of software for the needs and purposes of the public limited company “Macedonian Power Plants” (ELEM) for the sum of 4,092,420 euros, which was never put into use and at the expense of the state.

In the “Tank” investigation, the SPO revealed in their statement, the suspects are two individuals who will be charged with abuse of power and authority, in the period from February to October, 2012, “to fulfill the wishes of the Prime Minister at the time” (Nikola Gruevski) for the purchase of a “special vehicle”.

“In this certain case, there is reasonable doubt that the two suspects purchased a special type vehicle, to fulfill the wishes of the Prime Minister at the time. The first accused encouraged the second accused to use their official position and authority and complete the public procurement illegally, i.e. favours from certain economic operators to provide a vehicle of this type, “said a statement from the SPO.

The SPO added that “in conditions when there is an economic and purchase reduction of power at the Ministry, actions taken were contrary to the Law on Public Procurement” and one company was favoured while tender documents were listed with more technical specifications, indicating to a specific manufacture and trademark, or a specific type of car.

“There is reasonable doubt that the second accused in the procurement process, although he was aware of the illegal preference of a particular economic operator, he decided to choose the best offer and concluded a contract for procurement of a vehicle amounting to 29,852,542 denars with VAT in the amount of 5,373,458 denars or approximately 572,780 euros”, explains the statement by the SPO.

In the “Tariff” case, however, there are seven suspects who are also accused of abuse of power and authority while conducting procurement for the needs of Macedonian Power Plants (ELEM).

“There is a reasonable doubt that in this case, there was abuse of power and authority of officials and officers in the public procurement procedure of software – an ERP system for the needs of ELEM PLC, where the suspects failed to fulfill their obligation, enabling a legal entity – a consortium that later won the tender to qualify for the second stage of the negotiations on public procurement, although no complete documentation was ever submitted. The value of the concluded public procurement contract was 4,092,420 euros. Also, there is a reasonable doubt that some of the suspects approved unfounded payments of funds for named licenses for software maintenance, which was contrary to the special conditions of the contract, which stipulates that payment in named licenses for software maintenance will be performed by warranty and post-warranty period, however, that period never began, since the system was never implemented, causing damages amounting to 456,560 euros”, says the SPO.

What is essential in this case, say the SPO, is that “from the evidence it appears that the purchased system, was mostly not implemented, although a total of 3,700,000 Euros so far had been paid and in accordance with the contract, the system should have been implemented by February 11, 2013 “.

Unlike previous investigations that the SPO presented at press conferences at their offices, the public were informed about these two investigations through a statement.

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