SPO: Gruevski and Janakieski ordered the demolition of the “Kosmos” building

The Special Prosecution’s Office (SPO) today opened another new case called “TNT”, which refers to the demolition of the “Cosmos” building, owned by Fijat Canoski. Special Prosecutor Fatime Fetai said the demolition of the building, without a doubt was ordered by the former Prime Minister and the former Minister of Transport and Communications, together with the current Mayor of Gazi Baba and an inspector that works for the Municipality.

Special Prosecutor Fatime Fetai stated that the pardoned politicians had targeted Mr Canovski because he was of a different political orientation. She further commented that the perpetrators, had, with cruel premeditation set out to demolish Mr Canovski’s building and so cause great financial damage to Mr Canovski by destroying the business complex owned by him.

“We are talking about a well-organized criminal union between central and local government. The former Prime Minister and President of the VMRO-DPMNE and the Minister of Transport and Communications who were granted pardons on the April 12, of this year, had a common goal- and that was to take revenge on Fijat Canovski because of his decision to pull the PEF (the Party for a European Future)  out from the political coalition with the ruling party and enter  a coalition with the SDSM – with their political power, deliberately and with premeditation they demolished his building. They instructed and allowed the Mayor of Gazi Baba who has also been pardoned, to abuse his position and find a way to demolish the “Cosmos”. The Mayor agreed to this command and called the first suspect in the case, a construction inspector from the Municipality of Gazi Baba and told her that people from the top of his party suggested they find a way to demolish the building”, said Fetai.

She suggested that with the evidence already collected, the prosecution can confirm that the inspector made a record which states that Canoski’s building was one meter and forty centimeters higher than the legal limit. After which the decision was made for it to be demolished.

At the beginning of the press conference, Fetai was intent on sending out the message that “nobody will be spared in the pursuit for justice.”