Tomorrow’s scheduled meeting of Macedonian leaders in Vienna, where Commissioner Hahn and MEPs, Ivo Vajgl, Eduard Kukan and Richard Howitt are meant to be in attendance, along with leaders of the four main Macedonian political parties, has been postponed “Meta” has learnt from diplomatic sources.

Up to the present moment there has been no official confirmation from Brussels regarding the postponement of the meeting, nor has there been any information as to when and if the meeting will be re-scheduled. The meeting’s purpose was to salvage the Przhino Agreement, and in doing so, pulling Macedonia out of its current political crisis, which is in danger of deepening further.

The EU Delegation in Skopje, had on Tuesday sent invitations to the leaders of the four main political parties of Macedonia for the Vienna meeting on behalf of the Commissioner and the three MEPs.

Until til today, only the ruling VMRO-DPMNE and the DUI had confirmed they would attend. Yesterday, the leader of the SDSM party, Zoran Zaev, at a press conference, stated that his party will not participate in the meeting, unless two conditions were first met. These conditions are, that firstly, President Gjorge Ivanov withdraw his decision on the pardons, and secondly that Parliament assembles so that elections scheduled for June 5th can be postponed.

The country’s political crisis deepened further after certain recent events, the President’s decision to halt court and legal proceedings against politicians and their associates. Followed by the walk out by the Chairman of the SEC, Alexander Chicakovski and SEC members from the SDSM, from a session where the Commission was meant to vote on whether the Voter’s List was ready, and whether conditions existed for credible elections.

Artan Grubi, the Head of DUI’s leader Ali Ahmeti’s Cabinet wrote on his Facebook page, that the political crisis should be settled in Skopje.

“The crisis should be resolved in Skopje immediately by all responsible politicians. We support the well intentioned efforts of the International community to end the crisis” wrote Grubi.