The Special Prosecutor caught in a vicious political circle

The Special Public Prosecution and Katica Janeva herself, although were inaugurated by Parliament over forty days ago, are still unable to start work because of a dispute over the number of prosecutors. No official information has been revealed or if Janeva received the funding she requires from the Government.

The current dispute between the Council of Prosecutors and Katica Janeva is in status quo. As for a solution, if you look back and see the sequence of events depends on the outcome of negotiations between the political parties, who are also stuck.

Last Wednesday (October the 14th), the Council of Public Prosecutors decided after a three-hour debate to grant seven Assistant Prosecutors to Katica Janeva, instead of the fourteen she had asked for.

Janeva reacted to this decision by stating that the Council had disobeyed the Law on the Special Prosecutor’s Office and announced that she would continue to pursue approval for her entire team.

The parties who are all signatories to the Przhino Agreement came to an understanding with the Minister of Justice ,Adnan Jashari, and agreed to send a letter to the Council of Public Prosecutors, where they request that the remaining seven Assistant Prosecutors are selected.

Early last week, the Council submitted the letter to the Special Prosecutor, which was almost the same day the Council of Public Prosecutors received a request from Ms Janeva with a list of prosecutors who she wants on her team.

The Council President Petar Anevski on the 21st October the matter of her requests was not on the agenda of the session because in the letter the special prosecutor had sent to him with her requests, she had listed the same names which had already been discussed, and that “given the number of cases, the Council considers that the Special Prosecutor at this time does not need more prosecutors”.

Regarding the letter from the four political parties, Mr Anevski said “The Council is an independent institution and will not work with political recommendations.”

Janeva’s cabinet have yet to respond on the latest decision of the Council.

Meanwhile, the deadline (19th of October) passed, the government by now, was meant to have decided on general business, personal and financial planning and to approve the amount of more than one million euros Kaitca Janeva required for her to conduct her work as Special Prosecutor.

The same applies to the working premises of the Special Prosecutor, which the Ministry of Justice was meant to have been completed by October the 19th.