With 12 votes “for”, councilors of the Municipality of Centar decided to hold a referendum on the look of City Trade Center. Councilors from SDSM voted “for”, while the eleven councilors of VMRO-DPMNE abstained. The question that will be asked on the referendum will read “Are you for keeping the authentic look of GTC?”. The referendum will take place on 26th of April from 7am to 7pm, and for it to be successful, it should be a turnout of 50 percent plus one of the registered voters in the Municipality of Centar.
Earlier, the session was interrupted due to shouts of indignation from the citizens at the addresses of councilors from VMRO-DPMNE.
– GTC requires nurturing, renovation, reconstruction, while not losing the concept and function. Project for changing the look of GTC means distorting the essence of the object. The investor who will reconstruct the facility has to know the essence and what does GTC means to the citizens. We have nothing against the reconstruction of the GTC, its authenticity as a heritage must be kept – said Danica Pavlovska from the Association of Architects.
She added that the referendum is the most democratic way to solve the problems of citizens and is something that allows the citizen to be aware of his power.