Police Union and Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska, tomorrow at 11 am, will have a joint press conference in order to release details of measures to increase the salaries of uniformed and authorized officers of MOI, which was announced by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski on yesterday’s gathering of VMRO-DPMNE in Shtip.
This was confirmed for META by president of the police union Tihomir Klimovski, who says that the measure announced by Gruevski is finishing of the talks and negotiations between the union and the Ministry, which had been ongoing for a longer period.
– Few years back, police union pointed to differences in salaries in the public sector. We indicated that certain structures lead with salaries, such as the Public Revenue Office (PRO) and Customs. Dangers we are exposed to and the specifics of our job very inadequate with this state of salaries. Government and Ministry showed understanding of our requirements for settlement of wages. This process should have been implemented last year, but things were a bit postponed by the elections, when such activities are not permitted – says Klimovski.
To the question of META whether the activities of the opposition and the publication of “bombs” mentioning the situation of the police affected the measure to increase the salaries of police officers, Klimovski says it is pure coincidence.
– Adjustment of salaries was announced last year and there were no “bombs”, and we’re not psychics to know what will happen. It is “pure coincidence” that the opposition or anyone else is undertaking any activities – says Klimovski.