In the reformatory process, all of those who are making political decisions, regardless of the reports that are coming from the EU, should be included, said the representative of the “Konrad Adenauer” foundation, Johannes Rey, at today’s press conference dedicated to the start of the project for monitoring the implementation of the “3-6-9” plan.

-The performance of one country is not enough to move to the next phase of the EU-integrations. It is necessary to implement the reforms in order for the country to return on the EU road – said Rey.

Zoran Nechev of the Institute for democracy “Societas Civilis” said that it is necessary for inclusion of all of the country’s capacities and not only the administration, in the implementation of the reforms.

He announced that apart from the “3-6-9” plan, Societas Civils and Konrad Adenauer will monitor other processes that are important for the Euro-Atlantic integration of the country. Within the project’s framework, there will be three reports which will follow the Government’s reports and will offer alternative measures for realization.

Regarding the Government’s first report, that refers to its tri-monthly period, the institute provides three recommendations to the government and that is transparency, completeness, and precision.