Фото: „Кепс Монт Груп“

A new, modern separation line for the mineral raw material will be installed near the slag deposits from the former Topilnica (smelting plant) in Veles, North Macedonia. It’s modern equipment which functions as a closed system, which in turn helps to avoid all possibilities of polluting the air and creating dust during the process of raw material separation. The spreading of dust rich with heavy metals is one of the city’s longstanding problems. Despite the numerous efforts for remediation, the studies conducted in 2018 and 2019 have shown that the soil in Veles is still heavily polluted with heavy metals which is the reason why the soil’s renewal will be made after the black hill is cleaned.

The concessioner “Keps Mount Group” informed that it has already sent a request to the municipality of Veles for expansion of the B-integrated license in order to be able to install the newest equipment.

In the meantime, at the “Bash kolibi”location all activities for excavation, sifting, loading, and transportation of the lead-zinc dross continue. Starting from last year until now, the export of slag to Serbia is continuing without any delays and it is expected to be exported in Albania as well.