With the slogans “The more political kitchens, the more hungry,” “Until when will politicians live perfectly and workers criminally” and by shouting “Boo” and “Thieves”, many unions and organizational members of the Charter of Solidarity set off a protest for social justice and workers’ rights in Skopje, announces radio MOF.

They believe that workers’ rights are violated daily, unemployed are deleted from records rather than a job to be found for them and class differences are highest in Europe.

According to organizers, last year, employed in the public sector, especially in the administration, were most affected – they were imposed a number of new rules for easier control and easier firing of the unsuitable. They also point out that freelancers are also exposed to impoverishment due to the imposed obligation to pay contributions on fees, and while the right to strike is canceled for employees in education sector.

The protest began in front of the monument of the unions between the two world wars, proceeded to the Assembly, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and ended in front of the Government.