Мајки со жени и деца од Украина на железничката станица во Виена; Фото: Мета.мк

Since the start of the war in Ukraine until yesterday, a total of 1,924 Ukrainian nationals have entered North Macedonia, while 1,365 were registered in the country, informed the government’s spokesperson Dushko Arsovski, referring to the data provided by the Interior Ministry.

During the press conference, Arsovski stressed that there aren’t any people who have requested refugee status in North Macedonia and all of them have been accomodated at their relatives’ or friends’ homes.

“North Macedonia isn’t a refugee route for people fleeing the war in Ukraine in the way we witnessed in the previous years with the refugee crisis caused by the war in Syria. Independently, the government is taking steps, together with the ministries of labor and social policies, health, finance, foreign and internal affairs, to take appropriate measures for organized acceptance of any refugees and their accommodation,” said Arsovski.

He also said that the Ministry of Finance was tasked to provide MKD 120 million for hotel accommodation and additional services for the people of Ukraine that would arrive to North Macedonia as refugees.