Shilegov: Janakieski sold land worth one million euros for only 126,000 euros


Mile Janakieski allowed sale of state land at an attractive location amidst Skopje, near the building of “Avto Makedonija”, for only 100 euros per square meter, accuses Petre Shilegov from SDSM.

– At a public auction in June 2012, Ministry of Transport and Communications sold two parcels near “Avto Makedonija” with total coverage of 1.245 square meters. The price was 7,656,750 denars, i.e. 6,150 denars per square meter, meaning 100 euros per square meter. But here is what we uncovered. According to the title deed, the buyer of the land, in March this year, pledged this land as collateral for a loan worth 19,988,000 denars, i.e. 327,672 euros! Now, because the banks approve credits which are a third of the real value of the pledged property, and, in this case, the credit is more than 300,000 euros, this leads to the conclusion that the real value of the land sold by Janakieski for 126,000 euros is actually about one million euros – said Shilegov.

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