University professors wrote an open letter to MPs


Professors wrote an open letter to MPs. In the letter, the professors urge MPs to stop further proceedings and to hear them out before making a decision that could cost the whole society dearly. We are publishing part of the letter, and you can find the whole letter at “Fakulteti.mk”.

“Respected MPs, soon before you will be placed bills that were challenged at professional discussions and public announcements and against which a mass of ten thousand students and professors loudly and clearly declared, after the proposer ignored their invitations for substantial conversation, which must be led on the basis of sound analysis and findings, supported by proof.

These are draft laws on which concept and texts the proposer asked the opinion of the units at universities within short deadline and which the majority of them directly rejected as unconstitutional, inhuman, harmful, scantly and contradictory created, as full of inconsistencies and illogicalities, as non-implementable, and, above all, as a means to finally overthrow university autonomy.

Among other things, the students and the academic community asked its solutions to be abandoned and to delay the adoption of these laws, and the procedures to be restarted in order to strengthen its basis and to consider the roots and causes to the problems in higher education along with students and academics with analysis that will involve all factors in order to achieve the most effective solutions for our higher education system with a brand new law. However, the proposer and the Government didn’t await these opinions and, before the deadline they personally gave to the universities expired, they adopted the proposals and passed them at the Assembly. More than a hundred university professors, with name and surname, publicly spoke against this act and their number even multiplied here today.

With personal public correspondences and letters signed jointly, about eighty of the most renowned thinkers and philosophers who teach at the world’s most prominent universities joined these appeals.

Therefore, given the loudness and the multiplicity of these unambiguous messages, we invite you to apply the basic principle of democracy – to listen to the voice of the concerned parties”.

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