Shefik Duraki: I am revolted by the rule of VMRO-DPMNE and DUI


The rule of VMRO-DPMNE and DUI is certainly one of the reasons for my discontent, Shefik Duraki, vice president of branch of DUI in Arachinovo who resigned on Sunday, stated for META news agency.

– Coalitions are the result of the will of the majority Macedonians and Albanians. This practice here, in Macedonia, functions as an unwritten rule since 2008 and thanks only to DUI. Therefore, the condition does not depend on the will of individuals. But the way they rule and practice power can be said to be one of the causes of discontent – says Duraki.

The previous weekend, in just one full day, three officials of DUI, Shefik Duraki, Arben Labenishta and Hazbi Lika, resigned, two of the leading positions in the party and one from public office, Deputy Defense Minister.

Duraki, vice president of branch of DUI in Arachinovo, was the last of the three to resign from party functions.

The trend was started by Deputy Defense Minister Arben Labenishta, who resigned party and public functions. Organizing secretary of the party Hazbi Lika also resigned.

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