The Serbian news agency Sputnik published an article with a spectacular title:”Bulgarian politician: It is a matter of time when Macedonia will ask a piece of Bulgaria”. The construction of the title suggests that Macedonia has territorial pretensions towards Bulgaria, which is ridiculous. This claim has no ground in truth and the Macedonian policy of building good neighborly relations.

Not only the title is disputable but the writing in the article is as well as it holds the line that the Macedonians are dangerous and that the Bulgarians have to be afraid of the appetites of their smaller neighbor.

This story is built on the basis of a marginal Bulgarian politician Rumen Petkov, the party leader of the Alternative for a Bulgarian Renaissance which influence in Bulgarian public life is close to nothing.

Apart from Sputnik a threat from Macedonia towards Bulgaria was saw by several other Serbian media including media in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Hercegovina and published this disinformation. Other media outlets published this information with similar articles like B92, Tanjug, Dnevnik, Informer and Srbija Danas.