Sela will not give up on health, and will not be “deputy prime minister for delivering burek”

We remain in our position that we will not accept positions that are placed overnight in order to belittle the Alliance for Albanians and we want to run the Ministry of Health, said Zijadin Sela after a meeting in the Government with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

“I gave a proposal to the Prime Minister to prepare another position, which would be deputy prime minister for delivering burek, and after that position I will give it to DUI. We will not make agreements on top of other agreements. The agreement with the government was made when the government was formed. As long as we managed the Ministry of Health, we managed it with success. If someone has a problem with success, they should come out and say that there is a problem with successful ministers and political parties that are really focused on the reforms”, said Sela.

When asked whether they had asked other ministerial posts, Sela said that if there was an agreement on other requests, it should refer to the entire government coalition.

“We remained in government for the reform processes and we have supported them and will support them. We were the main actors who helped the regime fall and we will focus on the remains of the regime left in this government to make sure they bear the responsibility in the face of justice because it is full when it is equal for everyone”, said Sela.