SDSM still have not decided whether they will go to Vienna


The SDSM have still not made a decision whether they will send a delegation from their party to the leaders’ meeting on Friday in Vienna. Initiation for the meeting came from the three MEPs Ivo Vajgl, Richard Howit and Eduard Kukan, who organised and scheduled it as well.

When correspondents from “Meta” asked the SDSM whether they had come to a decided to attend the meeting in Vienna, the leader of the opposition, Zoran Zaev answered in a message “We still have not come to a decision”.

Yesterday, the MEP trio sent invitations to the four biggest political parties, all signatories to the Przhino Agreement to have a new meeting, however this time, in Vienna,
VMRO-DPMNE have already stated that they will send a delegation from the party to participate in the meeting. The SDSM said they would state their decision once they have consulted with their coalition partners and representatives from the civil sector.
Unofficial sources say that Ali Ahmeti, leader of the DIU will attend the meeting, and officially the DUI have said they stand behind their statement, “We received the invitation and we are trying to find a solution for a way out of this crisis, before coming to Vienna”.
The meeting in Vienna, is yet another attempt by the International Community to try and find a way out of this political crisis, in the wake of the already announced early elections on June 5 which the opposition have said they will boycott.
Every day, cities and towns all across the country are protesting and expressing their outrage, and are demanding the resignation of President Gjorgi Ivanov , and for the right conditions for democratic and fair elections.

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