“No Pardons” cried citizens tonight at peaceful mass protests


In a peaceful atmosphere, to chants of “Resign”, “Send Nikola To Prison” and ” No Pardons” before the Government building, concluded today’s protests of the people against President Gjorge Ivanov’s decision to pardon 56 politicians trials.

The huge numbers of demonstrators arrived before the Government by the Ministry of Culture, pelted it with bags of paint.

The route to the Ministry of Culture was part of the concept of today’s protest, which organizers say was inspired by the ‘criminal project’ “Skopje 2014 “.

Police at the Ministry of Culture arrived a few minutes after the protesters, who for the time being hurled paint at the building.

Outside the building of the Ministry, there were no incidents. Some of the protesters were in the role of wardens and deterred others from further staining the building and headed towards the government building.

Before the government building protesters filled the entire boulevard on both sides, from the beginning of the traffic lights all the way to the Goce Delchev bridge.

There, protesters shouted slogans and drew graffiti on the asphalt “I protest,” “Death to fascism, freedom to the people” in Macedonian and Albanian.

The demonstrators carried banners and on which were inscribed the amounts spent on each of the buildings and facilities from the project “Skopje 2014”.

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