SDSM: Either Gruevski indeed lost touch with reality or he is just acting


“It should be seriously questioned whether Gruevski really lost touch with reality when finding the guilt in all others except in himself, or he is just acting,” reads the statement of SDSM to today’s speech of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski after his re-election as VMRO-DPMNE president at the party congress in Kumanovo.

“If the actions of Nikola Gruevski were not condemnable, he would be pitiful. First, he directed the guilt for his deplorable “acts” towards his party colleagues, whom he referred to as “tired” players who should rest.
Then he found “policy of double standards” in the messages of the international community. Afterwards, he persuaded that his “mistakes and omissions” were “at least equal to the mistakes and omissions of many EU countries”?!
Also, in his speech, confusingly, he used copied messages and commitments of the policies of SDSM. Even the terms freedom and democracy resurrected in his vocabulary, which he used to as features of his regime system,” reads the statement of the main opposition party.

SDSM said that Gruevski will leave the political scene in Macedonia, but “the unseen shame that he has brought to the country will remain.”

“The cherry of the cake was the fiasco that Gruevski made in his Kumanovo drama, complaining that his best years passed in the four walls of the Government, while from inside those walls he seized plots and was getting rich, as well as that he was unjustly hated by many with unrealized personal ambitions,” reads the statement of SDSM.

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